MAC buys and exports corn, sorghum, soybeans, beef, pork, coffee beans, Bourbon, and other foodstuffs from the American Continent for the Chinese, Japanese, Asian and other world markets. We engage in commodities trading through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to assist Marubeni Corporation in conducting commodity trading with suppliers in North and South America.

We have also worked to expand our business, especially in corn and soybeans, by securing our supply base.

Similarly, we have helped to ensure a safe and stable supply system for meat, rice, coffee beans and protein powder by reinforcing strong links with U.S. and Central and South American suppliers and keen to increase business volume such as Organic and Non-GMO ingredients to the Asian marketplace in order to correspond health & wellness consumers trend.

In the meanwhile we are also looking for the investment opportunity of food sector in the North, Central and South America area.

Pasternak Baum Corp. Inc (PBCO) , Columbia Grain Trading Inc. (CGTI) & Columbia Grain Export Inc. (CGEI) are based in Harrison, NY & 100% owned by MAC.

PBCO is purely engaged for fats & oils trading from/to North, central & South American continental.

CGTI/CGEI are purely engaged for soybean, corn, Sorghum & the other grain trading mainly from North & South American continental to China, japan & South east Asian countries.

Similarly, North Pacific Seafoods, Inc(NPSI), Eastern Fish Company(EFC) as MAC's affiliate, has a strong position of US seafood business. NPSI is designed to produce frozen, fresh Alaskan Salmon and seafood that is suited the quality and product specification of US and international market. EFC is one of the largest importer and distributor of shrimp. EFC imports and provides 80 million pounds of shrimp, scallops, crab and lobster to the US wholesaler and retailer. Creekstone Farms Premium Beef LLC(CFPB) , 100% owned by MAC, annually produces around 500 million pounds of high quality Angus Beef. CFPB has great reputation among high-end steakhouse all over states and international restaurants.


Pasternak Baum Co. Inc.

Columbia Grain Trading Inc. (CGTI).

Columbia Grain Export Inc. (CGEI)

Grain, Fats & oil products trading

Eastern Fish Company

Distribution of seafood products

North Pacific Seafoods, Inc.

Processing of Alaskan seafood

Creekstone Farms Premium Beef, LLC

Beef processing company