Marubeni America Corporation
  • natural resources

    Import, export, domestic and offshore trade of various light metals, non-ferrous metals and ferrous materials and minerals.

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  • food

    Buy and export grain, meat, sugar and other foodstuffs from the American Continent for the Chinese, Japanese, Asian and other world markets.

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  • finance

    Conducts investments in fanance and real estate businesses.

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  • transportation

    Imports, exports automobiles, commercial trucks, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, mining equipment and related spare parts.

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  • power and energy

    Involved in business development related to the power industry in North America.

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  • fashion

    Markets various textile products together with general merchandise, including footwear, artificial leathers, hides and rubber.

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  • beyond the expectation

Marubeni America Corporation is not a household name, but our products are in your house. Whether it's the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the car you drive, or the essentials you use, somehow we touch your everyday life.