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Marubeni America Corporation is involved in a vast array of upstream, midstream and downstream business activities - in past years, it was said that we offered everything from "noodles to satellites." And while such a description is a bit outdated today, the essence of our business remains the same. As a result of our coordinated strategy to minimize corporate and shareholder risk by investing in a myriad of business types and industries, we have the capability of offering to our customers and clients a wide series of finished goods and financial products, commodities, raw materials, components, transportation, technical and other services.

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MAC Food Unit, together with four group companies, deals with wide-range of food products and ingredients including grain, vegetable oil, coffee, meat and seafood.

We aim to maintain our supply-chain safe, consistent and on-time by sourcing materials from carefully selected suppliers, and by producing and distributing stable products which meet demand of customers in the US and other regions.

We always stay alert to global supply-demand situation and retail/food-service trend to understand sentiments of both producers and consumers.

We keep looking for investment opportunity and possible partnership mainly in the US including new technology and brand-new concept.

Pasternak Baum Corp. Inc (PBCO) is a leading distribution company and broker of Fats & Oils, distributing/shipping from/to North, Central & South America, and has been globally known as an agricultural commodity broker since the 1920’s.

Eastern Fish Company(EFC) has strong position of US seafood business.

EFC is one of the largest importers and distributors of shrimp. EFC imports and provides 80 million pounds of shrimp, scallops, crab and lobster to the US wholesaler and retailer.

Creekstone Farms Premium Beef LLC(CFPB) processes about 500,000 heads of high quality BlackAngus Beef annually. CFPB has great reputation among high-end steakhouses and major retailers all over states and international restaurants. CFPB is also highly recognized from international market as an exceptional supplier for its marbling, flavour and taste.

Colombia Grain International, LLC (CGI) is a leading worldwide grain and pulse supplier headquartered in Portland, OR, with more than 50 locations in US and more than 300 employees. CGI supplies superior quality western grains and pulses to service both US domestic and worldwide export markets. With an extensive network of origination facilities, CGI is positioned to reliably supply high quality products to meet our customer's needs. CGI owns Montana Specialty Mills, an organic and non-GMO oilseed crushing facility in Great Falls, MT, and a mustard seed facility in Conrad, MT. CGI also invests Montana Craft Malt Company, a malt production and sales company in Butte, MT.


Pasternak Baum Co. Inc.

Grain, Fats & oil products trading

Eastern Fish Company

Distribution of seafood products

Creekstone Farms Premium Beef, LLC

Beef processing company

Colombia Grain International, LLC

Grain and pulse supplier

MAC markets various textile products together with general merchandise, including footwear, artificial leathers, and hides.

In textiles, we primarily design source, manufacture and market a wide range of quality products that serve both the U.S. and overseas markets. We manufacture garments for apparel wholesalers and retail stores. We also supply woven and nonwoven fabrics to both apparel and industrial manufacturers. We import other related raw materials - mainly yarns, fibers and sell to domestic weavers, knitters, paper producers and carpet manufacturers. We domestically produce knitted fabric for a leading U.S. automotive interior company. And like Marubeni America, many of our customers are market leaders in their fields and hold well-known brand names.

MAC's Hide Department exports U.S. and Canadian hides to European countries including Spain, Italy and Austria, Mexico and Asian countries including China, Korea, Thailand and Japan, where they are processed into leather for shoes, bags and automobile interiors and also supplies synthetic leathers to leading U.S. automotive interior company.